Friday Kitchen now offers bagged lunches in Oakland

EBFNB’s Friday Kitchen has expanded it’s serving by providing bagged lunches on a route through Oakland that makes stops along Telegraph and MLK streets and West Market and Peralta streets between 23rd and 42nd from 1:30-2:30pm. The Friday Kitchen has been receiving donations of high quality pre-cut vegetables, breads, juices and packaged items. The semi-prepared food left volunteers with extra time on their hands according to Friday Kitchen volunteer Josie Phoenix. “We realized we were getting done early so we started preparing bagged lunches and distributing them in Oakland,” Phoenix said. Now the Friday kitchen serves 60-80 bagged lunches in Oakland each week in addition to their regular meal that is served at 3:00pm in Peoples Park in Berkeley. Look for EBFNB in Oakland on Friday and come grab a bagged lunch! If you are interested in helping out at the Friday kitchen or if you would like more information on volunteering with EBFNB contact Ryan at

A packed truck on it’s way to deliver hot food.

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